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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics finds that on average, employed people ages 25 to 54 spent 8.8 hours working per day. Because of this large time commitment, the workplace is much more than an office to most – especially if the workload of said office results in late nights, early mornings and high stress levels – being a leader that cares enough to create a positive work environment could make or break a group of employees and make or break your company. Making your working environment as positive as possible for your employees will not only result in a happier employee, but a more productive office to boot.

Create clear expectations:
For most things in life, having clear expectations almost always results in positive feelings and positive outcomes – especially when the clear expectations are translated to the workplace. Most employees have these positive feelings in the workplace when they can confidently say they knew exactly what their boss wanted and expected out of them.

Creating this positive workplace environment for your employees can be the result of a handful of solutions – but making sure your employees know what is expected of them and setting clear expectations for work will almost always result in positivity. The guessing, the wonder, the anxiety of never knowing can only result in bad feelings toward the work and leadership.

Create a feeling of positivity:
We all know the saying “misery loves company” – and this is especially true when it comes to the office. High stress and anxiety can create tense feelings among employees that catch like the common cold – so it’s up to the leader to pay attention to morale.

When positivity is palpable, your employees are able to work at the highest they can perform which, in turn, will produce the highest results. The terrific feelings as a work unit and of their self-esteems will now work hand-in-hand to make the office a much more positive place.

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