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As leaders we must understand that our actions express our priorities. When we allow our ambition to take over, we can sometimes lose sight of what matters.

Ask yourself these questions: Has your work become more important than your relationships? Do you find it harder to take time off from work, or even to pull yourself away at the end of the day? Are you losing touch with people and things that are important to you because you never seem to have time for them?

Grocery Cart Missing a Wheel:
When our priorities are askew, we’re thrown off balance. Just like if you’ve ever tried to push a grocery cart with a bad wheel, it proves that even a small area of unbalance affects everything around it. When this unbalance is recognized, the immediate reaction is to change – but how do you do that? Change begins with an honest appraisal of ourselves—not just how our work affects others, but how it affects us in every area of life.

One way to measure how well your priorities are working is to look at your personal balance in some important areas:

  • Am I Physically energized:  Do you exercise often enough to keep yourself feeling good, so you can radiate energy?
  • Am I Mentally focused: Do you do non-work-related reading or other mental workouts, so you can generate insight?

  • Am I Ethically consistent: Do you live your life encompassing your values, so you can be consistent and be trusted?
  • Am I Emotionally connected:  Do you maintain an emotional connection with self and stay tuned, so you can make deeper connections?

  • Am I Spiritually Aligned:  Are you giving yourself the time for inner discovery and inner reflection, so you be your own source of inspiration?

Attention to each of these areas is vital to for alignment and connection to self:

  • Physical exercise gives us more energy to spend on the things we care most about. Mental activity keeps our thinking nimble and frees us up to see the bigger picture. Emotions and spirituality help us maintain healthy connections with ourselves and the world around us.
  • It’s all too easy to lose sight of our priorities. To keep them in focus, remember the difference between what is urgent and what is important and putting what’s important first. The secret is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.

  • That process begins with identifying what is most important and knowing what brings meaning and then going out and doing it.

  • Lead from within: A heart-based leader is one who knows when to set aside the urgent things in order to accomplish the vital ones and thus creating the balance of a leader.

Creating and maintaining a healthy life will not only have you mentally aligned but it will also keep you feeling healthy all-around. This balance will shine through in every relationship you encounter – and not to mention, keep those people around you happy as well! Leading with balance will reflect you as a strong leader which only helps those who look to you for guidance.