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Happy 2013, Everyone!

This year will prove to be a very big one here at Karlin Sloan & Company: for the organization as a whole and for me individually – many new developments are afoot!

First off, this new year started off with a bang as we introduced our newly designed website – see it here! We wanted our online presence to reflect the depth and breadth of our firm and came up with a wonderful space we can call our online home.

We also have been taking great strides to perfect our online presence through social media. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts have both gotten a redesign – not to mention a bump in content shared! We’re scouring the internet each day to bring you the cutting edge info about leadership, resilience, and organizational change while also positioning ourselves as a place for inspiration and community through social media. Check us out!

To start off the year, our internal team met in the beautiful Northern California redwoods for a 4-day summit to hash out ideas to hit the ground running this 2013.  The location gives away one of our big focus areas of the moment, expanding our operation on the West Coast of the US. We will also be giving special attention to our operation in Europe this year.  While we continue to serve the bulk of our clients in the Midwest and on the East Coast, watch for us in California, Oregon, London, Paris, and Geneva.

I have personally relocated to Northern California and look forward to getting to know this part of the world all over again as a California native returning home. I’ve also been working on a “secret project” with our web designer, our not-yet-launched online store that will feature tools and assessments for leaders and managers, and for the people that support them in being their best.

We will all be very busy over the next few months in the start of this first quarter – which is a very good thing! To keep everyone in the loop, we will keep updating our blog as well as all of our social media outlets.

We had a great 2012, but I believe 2013 will our most amazing year yet.

Karlin Sloan

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