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This month we’re featuring Team Member, Orla Castanien!

Orla is passionate about helping leaders find their success. She believes that enabling clients to tap into their strengths to become more of who they already are allows them to become highly effective leaders and positively impact their organizations and communities.

Orla serves as an executive coach and counsel to high-potential employees and C-suite executives alike.  She empowers her clients to develop their unique style of leadership and create the clarity and focus needed to navigate change. She is also a skilled facilitator and works with executive teams to resolve conflicts, achieve unity, and become more elastic in the face of organizational transitions.

Having held senior leadership positions in finance, strategic planning, and non-profit administration in both Ireland and the United States, Orla has an innate understanding of the need for flexibility, innovation, and resiliency in today’s leaders.

Orla has a keen interest in sustainable international development. As a coach and team facilitator, she brings this passion to her clients and inspires  them to catalyze impactful and viable change within the global environment.

See Orla’s complete education and certification here on her Profile page!