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Executive Coaching Program Summary


To assist the Legal Team within a Financial Services Company to achieve their strategic vision through:
1. Improving communications and relationships between the legal team and the lines of business within the organization (their internal clients) to achieve business results
2. Developing their leadership presence and abilities to enable them to develop talent and increase engagement within the legal team


To be the best legal department in the financial services industry with a talented, engaged, resourceful team that is accountable for:

1. Helping Company achieve business Results
2. Protecting the Company
3. Operating in a highly efficient way


As legal specialists in a highly regulated industry, the legal team saw their value as being embedded in their ability to protect the organization and minimize risk. The result of this was that their decisions were often not in alignment with the business units they served. In order to improve relationships and achieve the strategic vision of both the legal team and the organization, they needed to see value in communication, partnering across the business, developing talent and a leadership presence.


The program was designed around 3 components:
1. Developing emotional intelligence and understanding its role in leadership and influence 2. Developing presence though effective communication and authenticity
3. Developing Coaching skills and understanding their role in leadership

The program was designed by Karlin Sloan & Company in partnership with the client HR partners and executive sponsors of the program. This partnership ensured that the program would achieve the desired outcomes by making sure the content resonated with the participants and was delivered in a way that would allow them to incorporate the learnings into their already very busy schedules.

KS&C collaborated with the client to launch each phase of the program through off-sites that allowed for increased awareness around each component and its relevance to leadership and the strategic vision of the legal team. KS&C executive coaches debriefed an Emotional Intelligence assessment with team members and coached participants around turning the insights from the assessment into action items for leadership development. KS&C coaches also provided the communications training and coaching component of the program. The Leader as Coach component was designed and delivered internally by the client’s HR partners. At the close of each phase and launch of the next phase, KS&C worked closely with the executive sponsors to ensure the content was relevant and consistent and delivered in a way that the team could become focused and engaged around it.


For people in this line of work (Legal, Accounting, etc.) – it can be difficult for them to see or understand the value of emotional intelligence and effective communication and how it relates to them on an individual level, job level, and how it can affect the way their department is perceived within the Organization. They tend to see all of their value as being in their expertise and knowledge. So the challenge was in shifting their perception of value to also include emotional intelligence, and helping them to understand how their relationships with business partners impact results, as well as the ability they have to influence outcomes.


1. Engagement scores within the legal team reached their highest level ever
2. Feedback from participants was that the learnings were very insightful and had a positive impact on the way they interacted with their team members and the lines of business
3. The legal team felt that they were being invested in and developed in a way that had not happened before
4. The program developed a reputation across the organization as being “best practice” and received rave reviews
5. Engagement in the program changed from a sense of wariness about its relevance at its initial launch to one of embracing the learnings and welcoming the opportunity to develop

Coachee/ Stakeholder Comments

“You guys have done a great job. Essentially you have taken a bunch of lawyers and turned them into almost normal people.”
“The communications training was well worth my while. The content was relevant and an excellent use of my development time”
“The way in which you delivered this content allowed me to become aware of things and take action to improve my situation in a way that I would not otherwise have done.”