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The Olympic Games test the sporting spirit and mettle of athletes all around the world. It is a time for years of their hard work and dedication to finally pay off in an international arena. But they are not alone in their journey towards glory. As Aristotle was to Alexander so is a coach to an athlete. And much like sports, coaching forms an important aspect of a high potential leadership development program. 

Olympic athletes and successful business leaders have quite a lot of things in common which makes them stay at the top of their game. Mentioned below are some such attributes:

  • Partnership with the coach – A successful coach-athlete relationship is highly instrumental in overcoming challenges in sports. Similarly, executive coaches and their coachees must form a bond of understanding, expectations and trust to achieve the highest form of leadership attainable. With the right guidance and direction of the coach, athletes and corporate leaders have the power to “Go for the Gold”.
  • Dedication & Perseverance – Commitment is the word ringing out loud in the countless hours devoted by athletes in training to become truly world class. Dedicated leaders also hone their skills and abilities everyday to be perfect in their sport of leading corporations.
  • Self-Awareness – Similar to Olympic Champions, successful business leaders become aware of their individual strengths and areas of improvement through constant interactions with their coaches and feedback.  A great leader with enhanced self-awareness is able to perform under any condition.
  • Lifestyle – Health, relationships, support network all have an important role to play in delivery of high performance in sports as well as business.  Maintaining a well-balanced and managed life is of paramount importance to stay at the top of the game.
  • Proper Equipment – Successful athletes excel in their respective games by making use of proper & quality equipment. Similarly the strength & efficiency of business leaders lies in the resources, books, activities, tools, assessments offered by their executive coaches.

For leaders and athletes to become Olympians in their areas of expertise, it is necessary to keep in mind these aspects of ‘The Game’.  Champions are not made overnight. To become one, it is essential to put in time, effort, sweat and focus.