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Have you ever worked for someone who was not capable of leading a group? It makes for a very challenging team experience when the person making the decisions is not acting in the best interests of the team. 

Effective team leaders have four qualities that differentiate them:

1.) Effective team leaders have EMPATHY. They understand the needs of the members of the team, and speak to how they feel, not just what they think. If the team is disengaged the empathic leader can help them get motivated. 

2.) Effective team leaders are CLEAR and DECISIVE. They don’t stay in ambiguity for long, because the team needs a path to achieve its goals.  They may change direction or make new decisions based on new information, but they focus on decisive action. 

3.) Effective team leaders are CALM. They are able to manage their own doubts, fears, worries and concerns and help others to do the same. They find a way to stay flexible calm even in the face of difficulties. 

4.) Effective team leaders are OPTIMISTIC. They believe in a positive future and inspire others to do the same. 

If you’ve had an inspiring team leader let us know – we’d love to hear from you.