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When you look back on 2018, did you really make the most of it? Was it a year of growth and development or yet another year on auto-pilot?In order for us to progress in our personal and professional lives, it is important to take the time out to properly close off the old and embrace the new that every New Year offers.

This Completing 2018 / Envisioning 2019 exercise is adapted from a “Best Year Ever” program by our own Susan Spritz Meyers, executive coach.

It is designed to help us to complete our year in the best way possible – appreciating the positive and learning from any challenges – in order to move into the new year with a clean slate, and a vision of what is possible for us in all areas of life.

Goals for this Exercise

This Past Year:

  • Acknowledge what was positive and challenging/ disappointing from this past year.
  • Learn from all of it.

The New Year:

  • Create a positive outlook for producing results
  • Identify top ten goals for personal and professional growth in the new year
  • Complete one-page goal worksheet to keep as a guidepost
  • Identify and create support for your plan

2018 in Review

When looking back at what you achieved in 2018, encourage yourself to see the bright side. Think of times that you were proud of yourself as it’s important to acknowledge and feel good about what you have done, before you move on.

It’s equally important to reflect on the downside. What were the disappointments of 2018?  Everyone makes mistakes; successful people learn and move on.

Most importantly, it’s critical to think about and write down the learnings from the year. Looking back at your accomplishments and disappointments, what were the catalysts to these events and what could you have done differently? What growth has there been? Write your responses as advice to yourself.

Plan for 2019

Based on the learnings you have identified, select the top three that would serve as your personal and professional growth guideline in 2019 and then consider if you have any limiting self-beliefs that you need to change in order to maximise your chance of success in the year ahead.

Also do a stock take of your values and think about whether or not there are some core values that you would like to embrace. Maybe you want to reach higher levels of integrity or prioritize family more?

Now write a list of each of the roles (parent, spouse, leader, etc) you will engage in throughout 2019 and how you would like to ideally be in each role. List even those roles that occur only once a year.

Top Ten Goals for 2019

Now review your lessons, new beliefs, values, roles and descriptions and develop a list of your top ten ‘growth’ goals for achieving a solid, positive year ahead. Be sure to include personal and professional goals. Be sure to also figure out:

  • What safeguards can you put into place to ensure your success in 2019?
  • What kind of community do you have in place or can build to support you?
  • What milestones will you use to check you progress against your goals or intentions? How will you define success at the milestones? Be specific.

Go Forth and Conquer

Now that you have the plan, be true to yourself and just do it!


For an easy to use workbook with the full exercise, click here: Completing 2018 | Envisioning 2019