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Confidence, self-awareness, influence, gravitas – these are the qualities mastered by the most effective and inspiring leaders. Yet they are also qualities most executives struggle to develop and leverage as they move up within an organization.

Through our years of working with leaders we have identified the four key elements of executive presence and influence (EPI) that the most effective leaders have, namely:

  • Physical Presence
    • One’s ability to command their physical posture, gestures, verbal pace and tone
  • Mental Presence
    • One’s ability to stay mentally clear, focused and on task with what they are saying
  • Emotional Presence
    • One’s ability to be aware of self and others, and to engage others emotionally through appreciation and acknowledgment
  • Charismatic Presence
    • One’s ability to positively impact others just by being there (i.e. having gravitas)

Most leaders have some degree of competence in some of these areas, but in high-stakes situations only the very best leaders have the holistic mastery required to ‘win the game’.

What has been fascinating to uncover is that what sets the great leaders apart from the merely good, is the deliberate mindset that underlies their high EPI – they make a deliberate choice to be fully present and quite simply ooze executive presence and influence.

Whereas fifty (or even twenty!) years ago we might have shrugged and thought ‘lucky guy’, today we know that it’s not a matter of being born with this kind of high emotional intelligence. Thanks to the advances in neuroscience, we know that you can control your thoughts and consciously train yourself into a stronger, more positive and present state of mind.

Having a powerful mindset helps one to be fully present when communicating with others, sharing ideas and strategies, and making decisions. Unfortunately, within this age of acceleration, too many leaders get too wrapped up with keeping up with the warp speed of work, that taking the time to be present is the last thing on their minds.

Everyone has blind spots that can undermine their ability to be confident, especially when the stakes are high.  These blinds spots can manifest as insecurity, fear and anxiety. By building emotional intelligence, making a deliberate choice to quiet your mind and sharpen your focus, everyone can create a powerful, deliberate mindset, that will increase their EPI… even busy executives!


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Our Senior Consultant, Sue Reynolds Frost, recently published her book Deliberate Mindset with co-author Jeff Hornstein. The book provides a simple step-by-step process to help people discover blind spots that might be causing fear and anxiety, and various techniques to create a deliberate mindset that allows them to be more confident and powerful in high-stakes situations.

Today’s professional, no matter what their level or experience, has been swimming through a sea of disruption and change. In the midst of this, they have had to find a way to communicate more effectively in the face of these challenges. More technology and distractions, change initiatives, mergers & acquisitions. No matter how seasoned or confident you are, the stakes feel higher and higher. How do you deal with that? You need to get a handle on your MINDSET.

We wrote Deliberate Mindset to compel you to think about the way you think. We wrote this book with the intention of helping you get an edge, so you can be even more successful in high-stakes presentations and conversations than you currently are. We are confident you will learn new ways to shift your mindset and discover ideas, strategies and approaches to take yourself to another level.


In this book you will:

  • Learn our 3-step process to help you consciously create an empowered mindset for any high-stakes conversation or presentation.
  • Read coaching stories from real professionals who used the tools and techniques described in this book to help them shift their mindsets.
  • Have access to practical tools and techniques to help you begin the process of creating a Deliberate Mindset!