SGI specializes in helping technical and analytical experts to become world class leaders. Having worked extensively in the Financial Services, Healthcare and Technology industries we are acutely aware of the unique challenges, requirements and opportunities of these sectors and have achieved massive ROI with our clients.

We understand the high-pressure environments our Finance clients face, and the deep need for flexible, strategic thinking at the ‘top of the house’. Our unique measurement capabilities help financial executives to understand the bottom line return on their investment in leadership.

We work with C-suite, regional leaders, portfolio managers, strategists, retail bankers, and technology and operations executives, all of whom are tasked with massive change management in the face of technology, regulation, market volatility and globalization.

Things we hear from our financial services clients:

  • We need to focus on how our leaders influence versus direct others
  • We need to identify key successors and make sure they are prepared for senior positions
  • Our leaders need greater levels of focus on building culture and engagement
  • Our leaders are overloaded with “initiative fatigue” and need to make decisions quickly and strategically