The Healthcare sector is undergoing rapid change and we understand the complex dynamics between doctors, insurance companies and hospitals.

Having worked for many years with Pharmaceutical, Medical Device  and Insurance firms as well as Hospital systems, we have a deep understanding of the unique world of Physician leaders and help them  to master new skills to thrive in a transformative world.

Physician leaders are unique as they bridge two worlds: the science and the business of medicine. Most Physician leaders do not have any formal leadership or management training yet are expected to sustain an equilibrium between managing a healthy business and delivering customer or patient satisfaction and value.

The real path to great patient care depends on Physician leaders who can master excellence in a variety of critical areas: communication, coaching and empowering others, and motivating inspired performance.

Things we hear from our Healthcare clients:

  • The regulatory environment we’re in is putting pressure on our leaders to do more with less and to get the best performance out of fewer people.
  • We are late adopters of new thinking, and we need to adapt to new technologies, new ways of working, and new ways of thinking. Our leaders need to prepare for the future.
  • Our leaders are burned out, stressed, and not taking care of themselves, which is ironic! We need help with resilience and the people side of change management.