The Tech world is its own special universe. Top talent gets poached. Ambiguity is constant. Often individuals are rewarded over team efforts. Cultures of overwork and heroic self-sacrifice of a personal life are the norm. Leading in these environments is demanding, unceasing, and often unsustainable.

We have created a coaching model that works specifically within these fast paced, high change environments.

Things we hear from our Technology clients:

  • Our leaders need to be more emotionally intelligent and motivating for their teams versus just jumping in and doing everything for them.
  • Our leaders need to get better at saying no and prioritizing.
  • We have a strategy but nobody knows what it is because it hasn’t been communicated well throughout the company. Managers and directs aren’t aligned about what’s important.
  • As a matrixed organization our people really need to learn to influence without authority. They lack the gravitas they need to get people to listen to them.
  • This culture is so intense that people are seen as dispensable, and we are constantly burning through staff. No one is here more than a couple of years so how does anyone have enough background to lead strategically or get buy in for anything other than product innovation which is what we tend to value?