In a rapidly changing world, executives need a new set of capabilities that allow them to flex and adapt to the shifting sands of modern strategic leadership.

Resilience Assessment & Debrief Coaching

Resilience Assessment & Debrief Coaching

Our proprietary Resilience at Work Assessment has been delivered to thousands of people undergoing transition and change. The debrief is designed to help individuals create their own plan for coping with – and even thriving – during change and challenge.


Resilience Workshops

Resilience Workshops

Half to full day workshops that help individuals and teams to “bounce back” during times of change and challenge.


The Resilience Project

The Resilience Project

Based on cutting-edge research on what helps individuals and organizations thrive during rapid change, we’ve created proprietary tools and programs that make a powerful, positive, and measurable impact on change leadership and change-ready organizational culture.


Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness Programs

SGI’s point of view on Mindfulness is that everyone who wants to develop their resilience, their endurance, their effectiveness and their fulfillment at work can benefit from daily practices that enliven and regenerate. We provide powerful Mindfulness workshops and webinars that reduce stress and amplify performance.


The Resilience Project

Tools that help leaders and their teams to thrive during times of change and challenge.

We understand the challenge of constant change and that leaders and organizations need to be equipped with the right skills, tools and structures to create positive and productive results.

There is a “new normal” in organizational life. We have created a series of workshops, webinars, coaching programs and assessments that can assist leaders and organizations to thrive during the new normal of rapid, sometimes unceasing change. We know from cutting-edge research on the human brain and from years of experience in the field that resilience is something we can teach and develop, and we’ve seen results from these programs spanning from higher employee engagement to more effective executive teams with greater capacity for innovation and strategic thinking. Resilient leaders are those who adapt, change, and take challenges as opportunities to re-invent themselves.

Leading a resilient organization takes courage, focus and the ability to engage followers in walking a purposeful path that may change in an instant. Sloan Group International has conducted original research on resilience and leadership, and we address what is now known about cultivating our ability to bounce back from change or challenge in how we work with our clients.

We’ve created proprietary tools and programs that make a powerful, positive and measurable impact on change leadership and change-ready organizational culture.

“The resilience work is very effective. I’m seeing that the people we’ve given the Resilience Assessment to are shifting. Every single person we’ve surveyed has said it was a positive experience and that they felt invested in and listened to, and the executive team is making big changes that are helping us work more effectively together despite our differences.”
— Senior Executive, Financial Services

Team Alignment

Series of sessions devoted to cultivating peak performance in executive leadership teams.

Team Alignment

As an organization that believes deeply in respecting the wisdom of the executives we serve, our team development programs are based primarily on a facilitative model that honors the expertise of the group.

From the C-suite “Executive Team Alignment” series to intact team facilitation and team building, we excel at listening to the need and coming up with a structured approach to getting the results you want, whether that is:

  • onboarding new team members
  • getting the most out of conflict
  • working more efficiently
  • aligning business acumen to strategic goals
  • planning for the future, communicating effectively
  • solving a complex organizational issue as a team

Executive Team Alignment

The Executive Team Alignment process is a customized, facilitated series of sessions devoted to cultivating peak performance in executive leadership teams.

  • Decisions are made faster and more efficiently
  • execution becomes simpler and more efficient
  • Goals are achieved quickly and excellence is possible
  • Factions and silos are removed and the group experiences the benefits of functioning with one mind, rather than splitting apart and working against the organization’s best interests.

The purpose of the series is to realize the potential powers of an executive team and its capacity to be fully aligned with the future vision of the organization, ultimately creating the foundation for successful implementation of any large change. An executive team ought to be the driving force of strategy in a company.

Our Executive Team Alignment program helps CEOs reenergize their executive team members to collectively see the possibility of a compelling future vision,

  • to identify the right roadmap to get them there
  • to align with their fellow executives while committing to each other’s success throughout the process.

Custom Team Building Programs

Many of us associate the word diversity with ethnicity and culture, when really it refers to the valuable differences in every living organism.

Every ecosystem is dependent on diversity to function well, and a corporate team is no exception. Research has shown that high functioning teams have a combination of four diverse thinking styles that enable great performance.

Our Whole-Brain thinking workshop is fun, experiential, action-packed and gets rave reviews from our clients. From audiences of 12 to 1200, this workshop is flexible enough to adapt to any size group.

“My Sloan Group International coach is helping me to turn what seems to be a daunting transition into a fun journey of growth and development. She has a real talent for providing whatever support you need in the moment – from a voice of reason to an unwavering advocate; or a bird on your shoulder telling you not to get so bogged down that you forget to have fun along the way!”
— HR Executive, Consumer Products