Emerging Leader Virtual Coaching Programs

By 2020, half of the workforce will be comprised of Millennials

This means that the leadership pipeline will be filled by professionals who have a career perspective and value-set not only driven by unprecedented social and cultural change, but also nearly a decade of unfulfilled promises that they would have a secure job coming out of business school.

As a result, Millennials perceive their career vision and development quite differently to Baby Boomers and Gen-X’ers. However, most organizations continue to try to develop their pipeline of Millennial leaders with the same cookie-cutter approaches. Millennials demand a much more personalized approach to career visioning and development. And that is a level of care that can only be truly explored in 1:1 coaching.

To address this need, Sloan Group International created the Emerging Leaders Coaching Program to give you access to the 1:1 coaching you need to effectively develop your Millennial leadership pipeline, while also being able to meet your more cost-sensitive budgets for mid-level development.

The Emerging Leaders Coaching Program is designed to give you the ability to provide expert coaching to your emerging leaders with budget-minded investment.

You will also have the ability to allocate coaching hours between coachees while we track the progress and success of each engagement through our Impact Manager app.

  • Reduced Pricing — receive top quality coaching at price points that accommodate the lower leadership development budgets usually available for mid-level management.
  • Greater Reach — Expand access to coaching beyond just executives by gaining the ability to provide it to your emerging leaders.
  • Engagement Trackability & Aggregate Reporting — Access individual and aggregate data reporting on all coaching engagements through our Impact Manager app
  • Assessment & Model Incorporation — Incorporate your existing assessments or competency models into coaching design.
  • Re-Imagined Possibilities — Completely re-imagine, re-create and re-infuse the vision for your learning and development possibilities.

The Research Behind High Potential Development

Practically every company these days has some form of program designed to nurture its rising stars, and with good reason. These high-achieving individuals can have an enormous impact on business results. However, despite the prevalence of these programs, most haven’t delivered much in the way of results.

Our recent research on leadership transitions demonstrates that nearly 40% of internal job moves made by people identified by their companies as “high potentials” end in failure.

  • 25% intend to leave their employer within the year
  • 33% admit to not putting all their effort into their job
  • 20% believe their personal aspirations are quite different from what the organization has planned for them
  • 40% have little confidence in their coworkers and even less confidence in the senior team
  • 21% were “highly disengaged”
  • 70% lack critical attributes essential to their success in future roles
  • 33% report feeling disengaged from their company
  • 12% say they are actively searching for a new job

It is more critical than ever for organizations to engage their emerging leaders with more personal care, listening and attention. Below are some of the common mistakes senior leaders make when trying to cultivate their next generation of leaders.

  • Assume that High Potentials are highly engaged
  • Equate current high performance with future potential
  • Delegate down the management of top talent
  • Shield “rising stars” from early derailment
  • Expecting “star employees” to share the pain
  • Failing to link their “stars” to their corporate strategy