Global Leader / Expat Coaching 90 Day Program

As a global executive coaching firm, we have developed a breakthrough process for optimizing leadership transitions across culture. We leverage research into cross-cultural effectiveness and leadership as well as our proprietary assessment tools that focus on adaptation and alignment.

Why Expat Coaching?

When an expat team member is brought into a new role, either from inside or outside of the organization, they have 90 days to prove their value, establish critical relationships, assess the landscape and create their leadership plan. An executive coach can make this process exponentially more successful.

Sample Program Description

We adapt each Expat coaching program to your unique organizational requirements. This is a sample program description based on best practices:

Pre Boarding:

30 days prior to the on-boarding process, executives are interviewed to find out what is propelling them in a new direction, and what their patterns are in transition. We conduct a “change readiness” assessment (the RAWA) online and help to establish patterns in transition skills and behaviors; curiosity/inquiry, enthusiasm, optimism, flexibility and adaptability, influence without information, and relationship building.

Out of the first 30 days, we will discover your strengths, capacities, patterns, style and adaptive profile.

On Boarding:

The executive coach and the executive establish themes or areas of focus. Themes may be understanding the network of power, finding opportunities for quick wins, relationship development, understanding who your key partners will be, where are the traps and hazards. This is conducted over four months.

360 Assessment:

After the initial 90 days we send out a multi-rater assessment specifically designed to show you how aligned you are with your boss, peers, and direct reports with the priorities of your specific individual role. This assessment provides us with a structure to offer a leadership plan for the longer term within your new role, which will be your guide post-coaching.

Exceptional Results

  • Revitalize the understanding of your strengths in a new cultural context
  • Learn your transition profile, patterns and habits
  • Understand the new culture you’re working in from multiple perspectives
  • Frame your inquiry into the culture, the people, and the value proposition of your role
  • Strategize with a confidential sounding board
  • Define your new leadership identity / brand
  • Manage politics effectively
  • Influence more powerfully by adapting to your new circumstances
  • Create a development plan and achieve it
  • Make this expat assignment a launching point for successful career advancement